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The Zimmers

A rock band made up of senior citizens is making a bid for chart success to prove that older people have still got what it takes.

The Zimmers and My generation

A Member of the band The Zimmers, consisting of  40 old-age pensioners, is YouTube star geriatric1927 Click below

Well done Tim Samuels and the BBC on a great programme and for raising awareness for such an important issue - helping to restore respect and dignity to older people.  The programme dealt with many older people living in poor conditions in care homes and being isolated - even in their own home. Tim and his team brought together the 40 old people, including pensioners tired of life in old age homes and those suffering from social isolation in their own communities.

"This is about old people sticking it back to the society that has cast them aside," says Samuels.

The Zimmers - whose lead singer is 90-year-old Alf Carretta - have recorded a unique version of The Who's My Generation, which was released in May.  For lead singer Alf Carretta, from London, potential rock stardom at the age of 90 has been unexpected.

"I can't believe this is happening. For me to have recorded a song in the same studio as the Beatles is just so exciting. I feel like the whole experience has brought me back to life. I was stuck in a rut and now I feel alive again," adds Alf.

The 40-strong band, which includes some centenarians, recorded My Generation at the legendary studio two at Abbey Road - the very place where the Beatles recorded most of their hits.



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