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ABC Minors

Did your love for the cinema begin with your first "ABC Minors Matinee"?
Those were the days when going to the pictures was more than watching one film and going home, as we do today. When the experience was something you would look forward to all week and cherish as a memory for even longer.

No matter how you gained entrance, paid your 1d.; handed over your jam jar; or was let in by a friend at the backdoor ~ the entertainment was fun and wholesome.

It was quite an occasion when you celebrated your birthday, been called up on stage, were hundred of "happy" children were encouraged to sing happy birthday to you. While everyone was in full voice the bouncing ball providing encouragement for you to add your voice to the tune of Blaze Away

The ABC Minors Song
(Sung to the tune of "Blaze Away")

We are the boys and girls well known
as Minors of the ABC
And every Saturday we line up
 To see the films we like
 And shout aloud with glee
We love to laugh and have a singsong
Such a happy crowd are we
We're all pals together
The minors of the ABC



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