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LINKS to Prostate Cancer related groups Eastbourne Prostate Cancer Support Group

Prostate Cancer Support Association (PSA) was set up by a small group of prostate cancer patients in 1995 and has developed into a national association of self-help and support groups. It is managed by and for men with prostate cancer, their families and those who are interested in improving the care and support of those affected by this form of cancer. Our services are free of charge to anyone and are funded entirely by membership subscriptions and donations. We receive no money whatsoever from government sources. We are a UK registered charity (No. 1067253).

UK Prostate Link provides a searchable database of quality-assessed links to prostate cancer information on the Internet. It is designed to serve as a "first port of call" for prostate cancer information. The site is pioneering a new approach to web portals, in which they directly assess the quality of the information they link to.

The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) has a new campaign to empower patients be more active in managing their health. The Please Ask campaign provides practical, accessible information about patient safety and encourages patients to feel comfortable asking questions about their NHS healthcare and raising concerns with health professionals.

 At the Dipex site you can watch, listen to, or read personal experiences of prostate cancer and other medical conditions.

At the Going for a is a virtual hospital from the Royal College of Radiologists. Interactive information on cancer treatment and scans. Includes descriptions from both staff and patients.

Macmillan Cancer Relief has leaflets on men and cancer, close relationships and cancer, and talking to children when an adult has cancer. Information on benefits and grants to help with the costs associated with cancer.

Malecare is a US based group of experienced patients and doctors, many of whom are diagnosed with prostate cancer or testicular cancer, writing weekly updates on treatment choice strategies and how to live with the consequences of those choices.

CancerHelp UK is a free information service about cancer and cancer care for people with cancer and their families. It is brought to you by Cancer Research UK. They believe that information about cancer should be freely available to all and written in a way that people can easily understand. The Prostate Cancer charity provides help for research and support to sufferers. Cancerbackup is Europe's leading cancer information charity. Its website contains over 4,500 pages of up-to-date cancer information, practical advice and support for cancer patients, their families, carers and friends. Everyman Provides information on male cancers, their diagnosis, prevention and treatment including research on DNA and cancer vaccines. Health Online Comprehensive database of medical conditions, diseases and support organisations. Macmillan Supports people with cancer and their families with specialist information, treatment and care. Medical Research Council Data Base of medical research. Prostate Cancer Research Institute USA A non-profit research institute for prostate cancer, with a mission to end Prostate Cancer. Prostate Cancer Internet Resources USA Find information, books and links to other useful prostate cancer sites. Wellbeing Met Manufacturers of personal screening tests for PSA and other conditions. Medical and other help for over fifty year olds. Bristol Cancer Help Centre is a holistic practice centre approved by the General Medical Council. Park Attwood Clinic is a Holistic Practice Centre approved by the General Medical Council. British Holistic Association contains further information on holistic practice. Details of laparoscopic surgery available at the North Hants Hospital Basingstoke and privately. Details of robotic keyhole surgery at St Marys Paddington. Contains details of laparoscopic surgery









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