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Most people in the UK, including the majority of people in Scotland, believe that Scotland offers FREE CARE to its pensioners.  They believe that people who go into residential homes do not lose their house!
This is pure spin doctoring!

 The true situation, at present, in Scotland is: 
Elderly people in residential homes qualify for support of 145 per week for personal care and 65 per week for nursing care. But further support for living and housing costs is means-tested.

Pensioners with assets of 19,500 or more - including the value of their home - do not receive any assistance and those with capital between 11,500 and 19,000 are expected to make a partial contribution. That can mean people have to sell their house to find the money required.

There is now the option of a Deferred Payment Agreement, which means the property is signed over to the council but not sold until after the owner has died. Then the council will take what is owing to them!  The family of the older person still lose their inheritance!

So please believe that
is not all that it seems to be!



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