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 The NS(RAF)A was formed in 2000 by a few ex RAF National Servicemen who thought that the era when National Service was common to all, was being forgotten - allied to that was the time factor which makes it necessary for this Association to be active now before it is too late for many of us.


To that end membership is open to ALL ex RAF National Servicemen and Regulars who served in the period 1947 to 1963 when such service was compulsory for most of the young men - plus any applications from the 1939 to 1947 - the war time conscription period  - will be equally welcome.


The aims of the Association are to create a forum for contact between members and to organise any such gatherings, be they local area or National events whereby members can come together for periods of nostalgic comradeship.
The means of doing this is mainly via our superb quarterly magazine ?The ASTRAL? plus our website:- and an annual AGM package weekend at a large hotel - plus all members have access to the total membership lists and thus have the means themselves to establish local contacts and arrange their own area and regional meetings.
To date we have held a successful re union day at RAF Hednesford in July 2003 and plans are being made to do this again in conjunction with Staffordshire County Council, RAF Stafford and the local ATC Squadron at a possible ceremony to commemorate the existence of the camp with a marked stone or plinth. (Details when known via ASTRAL)
Membership of the Association is currently ?7 per annum (please make all cheques payable to:- NS(RAF)A) and application for membership - with a stamp for return postage - should be made to:

Mr John Kent  NS(RAF)A Membership Secretary
01538 371622





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