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The Campaign for Permission to Wear the Pingat Jasa Malaysia

Extracts from the Web Site

Welcome to the Fight 4 the PJM Web Site

"The pages in the fight4thepjm web site tell the story of a medal, the Pingat Jasa Malaysia (Malaysian Service Medal). It is a medal graciously offered to Commonwealth forces who served Malaysia in its fight to preserve its newly won independence against terror and aggression between 1957 and 1966. The medal has been awarded to both servicemen and women, and to civilians.

The Queen has accepted the medal for wear by all her other Commonwealth veterans, including her own Representative in Australia, but she has been instructed by the Honours and Decorations Committee (quoting the Imperial Honours System) to deny British citizens the right to wear their medal. That anomaly is clearly unjust and inappropriate in the modern world.

'Lobbying' is not our natural habitat. We are ex-servicemen who have an intrinsic and instinctive sense of discipline and loyalty. As we set out our case, we do so with humility, and with an enduring loyalty to our country and our Queen, but this shameful recommendation has brought us together again for one last battle against a very unpleasant form of discrimination and aggression. And we shall not fail. We didn't then, and we shall not now. We shall not let down Malaysia, the Commonwealth, or our supporters - or ourselves. "


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