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What's in a Name?
by Bill Bowman
of Wallsend Pensioners Association

The reason - and this is quite true - why many older people will not join pensioners' organisations, is that word - Pensioner.

To them it is anathema, carrying visions of decrepit and hunched old men and women hobbling around on sticks and begging for hand-outs.
Completely untrue of course but how do we persuade them otherwise? What do we put in its place?

Grey Power?
This is a term often used these days and it conjures up a completely different picture to that of zimmers and shawls. It suggests strong, determined people who, though they may be knocking on a bit, are not to be ignored nor taken lightly, people who realise their worth and their Power.

And make no mistake about it; they do have Power. They are the most influential group of voters in the country and as such can determine more than any other single group of voters who governs Britain.
But maybe you think Grey sounds rather drab and colourless. So what else have we got?

Here are several other suggestions, together with their definitions:

Senior or Senior Citizen

Suggests mature people of vast experience. People who have grown into wisdom. A steadying influence who keep the rest of the country's feet on the ground.  Like Greypower, this name also suggests strong, determined people who, though they may be knocking on a bit, are not to be ignored nor taken lightly.

A disrespectful term invented by irreverent youngsters.

Old Folks
Parents children visit on Christmas Day' then forget the rest of the year.

Old Codgers
Crafty old sods who know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to getting a free drink.

Blue Rinse Mob
Ladies who go to all the tea dances with their gold or silver shoes at the ready and who talk and laugh in loud, cut glass accents.

Old Fogies
Never stop moaning or telling everyone how much better everything was in their days.
On the (s)crap heap.

Constantly risk heart attacks with their non-stop jogging. Always wear shorts and baseball caps.

Those who are in the habit of being too early for the bus and cannot use their bus pass!

Know all the times for half-priced hair-cuts and all the places where they serve cheap meals.

Darby & Joan
Brings to mind a loving old couple sharing a seat in the park or a half shandy in the club

Slow moving but elegant. Conjures a vision of Zimmers and walking sticks.

There are many other names for Pensioners - some of them even printable: Over 60s, The Aged, Old Timers, etc. etc.   Which of those mentioned do you prefer, or maybe you can suggest something quite different?

Maybe then we would come to understand; What's in a Name?

3 guesses what name Seniors Network prefers?