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Baroness Julia Neuberger puts forward
10 demands that old people should make on society

1. Do not make assumptions about my age: end age discrimination

2. Do not waste my skills and experience: the right to work

3. Do not take my pride away: end begging for entitlements

4. Do not trap me at home because there are no public loos or seats: reclaim the streets

5. Do not make me braindead, let me grow: open access to learning

6. Do not force me into a care home: real choice in housing

7. Do not treat those who look after me like rubbish: train and reward care assistants properly

8. Do not treat me like I am not worth repairing: increase the number of community beds in hospitals

9. Do not treat my death as meaningless: the right to die well

10. Do not assume I’m not enjoying life: grey rage