The Southwark Declaration
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The Southwark Declaration

adopted unanimously by delegates to the Conference
on "All our Tomorrows" on 5th March 2001

This conference believes that a credible and sustainable policy for pensions must be based on a social contract between the generations, using the machinery of social insurance to achieve a fair distribution of the national income between the working and retired population; and that the acceptance of such a policy by the Government depends on the creation of a nationwide alliance of organisations and individuals, young and old, in support of state pensions on which retired people can live in comfort, without relying on either means-testing or private pensions of uncertain value; and we call on those who share these beliefs, in all parts of the United Kingdom, to take the following action:

(a) locally and nationally, form alliances between groups concerned about the quality of life;

(b) find ways of channelling anger about social injustice through shared activities in the pursuit of agreed objectives;

(c) open up pensioners' organisations to younger members;

(d) promote knowledge of pensions issues through schools, universities, churches and trade unions;

(e) make effective use of the internet;

(f) make effective use of communication techniques such as street theatre and direct action;

(g) be prepared to criticise government and other political parties when necessary and to make them aware of the power of the 'grey vote'.

We congratulate the organisers of this conference, which should stimulate similar action across the United Kingdom.