Is Anyone Listening?
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Is Anyone Listening?

UK Seniors are the poorest in Europe, yet they live in the richest country in Europe - a country that is also the fourth richest economy in the World!!. Seniors have been actively campaigning for almost 20 years for the restoration of the Link to Earnings

Is Anyone Listening?

No one has been listening to the case for the Restoration of the Link - consequently pension levels have dropped considerably below a reasonable level.  We believe that the basic pension level should be set at "one third average earnings for a single pensioner and one half average earnings for a couple"  - That is not too much to ask!

Is Anyone Listening?

Governments and politicians have forgotten that today's' pensioners have lived through very troubled times

  • All were born before and grew up during the Second World War. 

  • Some of them fought for their country in that War.   

  • All of them were involved in helping the UK to get back on its feet after the "war to end all wars". 

  • All of them were promised by the government "We will look after you from the cradle to the grave".  

  • All of them were told (and believed) "You've never had it so good". 

  • All of them were encouraged to SAVE SAVE SAVE.

  • Most males served in the Armed Forces either in National Service or as a Regular.

  • All of them paid National Insurance with the promise of a FREE National Health Service and a decent pension on retirement.

  • Most of them paid Graduated pension contributions or SERPS.

  • All of them lived through successive "boom and bust" - economic triumphs and disasters. 

  • Most of them were made redundant in the "bust" periods  - at least 3 times.

  • All of these "lost" their occupational pensions and were forced into "cashing in their superannuation".  

  • Most managed to find employment again in the "boom" times and (for a time) joined a new company pension scheme.

  • Some of them never worked again.   

  • Most of them who received pensions found that they were not "index linked".     

  • None of them ever imagined or dreamed that they would have to fight and campaign to get better pensions and to restore their dignity.

  • Most have realised that saving for a "rainy day" means that the government can save on their pension payouts.

  • Most of them have to spend all their savings before they get a decent pension level.

  • Some have their house "stolen" to pay for care.

Is Anyone Listening?

UK Seniors are concerned that crime and abuse against older people is on the increase - they believe that "perpetuators" in the UK are influenced by the attitudes of successive uncaring governments who have relegated the elderly to the "scrap heap".

Is Anyone Listening?

UK Seniors feel that they have been betrayed and, what is even worse, totally ignored. 

Is Anyone Listening?

UK Seniors have been expecting New Labour to increase their pensions substantially and to link any future pensions to average earnings. They now believe that New Labour, when they promised to review the link in their manifesto and didn't, has thrown away a golden opportunity to ease the financial burden of seniors.

Is Anyone Listening?