Aspirations of a State Pensioner
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  Aspirations of a State Pensioner

This is a message to the Prime Minister and those in Parliament involved in Pension Administration

Respect for our Political System by the Elderly (ie more than 20% of the Electorate) would be restored during the coming year:-
  • WHEN politicians, the Government in particular, remember that to-days older people paid, and are still paying taxes for dignity in their later years.

  • WHEN Gordon Brown remembers to fulfil the promise he made TEN years ago to free Pensioners from the divisive, inefficient and expensive Means Testing.

  • WHEN the basic state pension, LINKED TO EARNINGS, is increased to a level sufficient to give independence and security, ensuring Pensioners enjoy a fair share of the prosperity they helped to create.

  • WHEN Nursing and Personal Care for older people, which are inextricably entwined, is available FREE at the point of need.

  • WHEN Pensioners are not singled out to Pay for Hospital Care by having their State Pensions savagely reduced after six weeks in HOSPITAL.

  • WHEN Elderly people do not have to rely on Charity to avoid hypothermia.

  • WHEN our Government create an ethos of respect for the older generation, thus doing away with age discrimination. Pensioners are not a burden on society but an asset.

  • WHEN the Prime Minister recollects that the mark of a civilised society is how they treat the very young and the very old.

Lydney Branch of the British Pensioners & Trade Union Action Association

Email: Geoff02@ntlworld.com