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Local online information for disabled people


Local authorities have responsibilities to all people living in the community. Some people need extra support and social service departments within local authorities are responsible for providing this support.

Disability-related information on your local authority website


Almost all local authorities in the UK have their own website.

Even though social services departments operate under the same basic legislation, they are not necessarily set up and managed in the same way. Because of this, when looking for local information online about services - advice and guidance may be found under different topics. These may include:

  • social services

  • community support

  • adult or child services

  • disability

  • special educational needs (SEN)


Most websites have a search facility and/or an A-Z where you can look for more specific information - for example: assessments or Blue Badge.


Interacting with your local authority website from Directgov


Links to local services are being added to Directgov all the time. They range from paying your Council Tax online to reporting a graffiti problem.

This means that throughout this website you can enter details of where you live - for example, your postcode - and be taken you to your local authority website where you can find out more about the service.


Disability-related services on your local authority website

Not all local authority websites have the service you may be looking for - however, you can find out about these services on Directgov, if necessary.


Community care and support


Social services have wide responsibilities and functions. Some are mandatory, which means that the authority must do what is required by law. Others are discretionary, which means it only needs to provide services if it wishes.


What legislation is there?


Community care, which includes accommodation and day-to-day support, is defined in section 46 of the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990.


Consumer reports for older and disabled car drivers and passengers, a guide to using a wheelchair on public transport and a car measurement guide.




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