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Age Concern

About our campaign  Personal Expenses Allowance for older people living in care homes - the real cost of dignity in care

Many older people living in care homes are amongst the poorest and most vulnerable members of society.

With the average weekly care home fee in England being 400, almost 260,000 people need financial support from the state to pay their fees. The vast majority of these people are 65 years old or over, most are aged over 85.

Under national means-testing rules, these people part with their only source of income – their pensions – to pay towards their care home fees. Normally all they are left with is 20.45 Personal Expenses Allowance.

20.45 is expected to cover the cost of all personal items not covered by the care package agreed by the local authority, including clothes and toiletries.

We believe that the Personal Expenses Allowance given to older people in care homes is symbolic of the way that older people are treated in society. Find out more by downloading our report from the right hand side of this page.

Age Concern’s calls to action:

To the Government:

  • The Government must urgently increase the Personal Expenses Allowance to at least 40 for people living in care homes who are supported by local authorities
  • The Government must increase the PEA each year in line with any rise in earnings
  • The Department of Health must ensure that funding for Adult Personal Social Services reflects this increase in the PEA

To local authorities/ Primary Care Trusts and service providers:

  • Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts must ensure older people living in care homes are aware of and have access to free NHS services, such as chiropody and physiotherapy
  • Local Authorities and service providers must provide older people living in care homes with information, support and access to varied leisure and social activities that are stimulating and compatible with individual interests, needs and abilities

Age  Concern works to promote the well-being of older people and help make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Age Concern's objectives are:

1.   To promote positive attitudes towards older people and ageing
2.   To influence and develop public policies that affect older people
3.   To promote effective care for older people
4.   To encourage choice and opportunity for older people



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