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Join in the fight against AGEISM - it is here NOW!

In these pages I have tried to find some of the best articles on Ageism - to help us o understand the problem and to cope with these problems.

font size="3"> Ageism is bias against a person or group on the grounds of age. When that bias is the primary motivation behind acts of discrimination against that person or group, then those acts constitute age discrimination.   Although ageism can refer to bias against any age group, ageism (and age discrimination) are usually focused on two targets:

The elderly  and Adolescents


Workers who retire early 'more likely to die young'

John Carvel
Friday October 21, 2005
The Guardian

Evidence that early retirement is not the key to a long and relaxing life comes today from a study in the British Medical Journal of more than 3,500 oil workers employed by Shell in Texas.

It found those retiring at 55 were almost twice as likely to die young as those retiring at 60 or 65. Extra years of work seemed to benefit men and women of all social classes.

The research team from Shell health services conceded that some staff retiring at 55 may have been in poor health, and so more likely to die young. But those retiring at 60 lived just as long as those who left work at 65




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